Review: Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
Paperback, First U.S. Edition
Release Date: August 15, 2009 from Grove Creek Publishing
Pages: 296
Best Enjoyed by: Females, Ages 14 +
Rating: B


Zoe’s life is spinning out of control. Her parents are more concerned with her younger sister, Abria, who suffers from autism. Her brother Luke is smoking weed with little concern of the consequences. And Zoe is relying on drinking, hooking up, and partying to escape her hectic home life.
But then Matthias comes along. Good, sweet, attractive Matthias. Abria’s guardian angel. Untouchable. But when Zoe finds herself falling for the angel, she breaks the rules and creates her own destiny with him. But can it break the gap of Heaven and Earth?


I think one of the reasons this book was so well done was because Jennifer Laurens has firsthand experience with dealing with autism. It really added a lot of emotion when Zoe would talk about Abria and her contradicting feelings toward her sister.
The family issues in this book were really intense and again, extremely well done. Unlike some stories, there were many layers of problems and nothing was easily fixed, even when the characters had accepted their problems.
The romance was also sweet and somewhat predictable, but honestly, there are only a handful of books I could name where I couldn’t figure out who the main character would end up with—if there was anyone at all. The writing was also good, though nothing spectacular.
I think my only dislike was the dialogue, which sometimes seemed to cheesy. Also, a minor thing, but it irked me a bit when Matthias would constantly tell Zoe to look in her heart for the answers. Just seemed overdone.

Heavenly was a heartwarming read and the ending really surprised me. There’s a sequel coming out, which surprised me because I thought it was a fine ending, but upon reading the excerpt from it, obviously some twist is going to happen. Recommended to those who like a little bit of fantasy, romance, and family issues.


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