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Reviews/Contests/Interviews/Guest Blog Policies

So there are a few things to know about if you're an author, publisher, etc. looking for me to promote a book.


I will accept almost all types of Young Adult Fiction books. However, I'm not a person to go to if you have a religious YA fiction book. Books that incorporate beliefs into them but do not focus primarily on religion are okay, but it's honestly not my thing for a full out lecture on what to believe in (if this is confusing, you can email me and I will give you examples of books I would and would not accept).

My favorite genres are fantasy romance (books like The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments, Graceling, etc.) and "comic coming-of-age-tales that make you think" (think John Green). I am also pro BigBooks.

While I cannot guarantee a review for all books, I do try. There are only a rare few that I give up on entirely. Mainly getting a review comes down to how much time I have. However, feel free to email me if it's been a while and I haven't written the review.

If the book has already been published, normally I will just write a review unless a new version is coming out in a few months (as in going to paperback). For review copies, I will try to post them on the month of the release or close to it. If you happen to send me a later book in a series I haven't read, reviews will take longer as I'll need to catch up (unless it's a prequel or is not necessary to read the book's predecessors.).

Currently I am not accepting e-books or self-published books. I will accept Young Adult audiobooks, though getting a review is less likely to happen (I'm extremely picky about narrators).

When requesting a review, please tell me a little about the book, such as the front flap/back cover synopsis and the basic genres. Excerpts are also encouraged, though only a few paragraphs long.


I will gladly host a contest where you (the publisher, agent, author, etc) send the book to the winner and also ones where I send out the book. If the former, you'll need to tell me the item, preferences for the contests to begin and/or end, and what countries you can mail to.

Interviews and Guest Blogs:

If you are an author interested in doing an interview or gust blog on I Am Nonfiction, I only ask that I have read your book first. I also will interview or do guest blogs with those who work in the publishing business. And, of course, I will do interviews or guest blogs on your blog or website.

To Bloggers:

If you would me to add you to my Blogroll, just email me and include the URL of your blog or leave a comment.

If you have any further questions or would like to contact me, you can email me at iamnonfiction[at]yahoo[dot]com.


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