Review: Just One Wish by Janette Rallison


Just One Wish by Janette Rallison
Hardback, First U.S. Edition
Release Date: March 5, 2009 from G. P Putnam's Sons
Pages: 272
Best Enjoyed by: Females, Ages 13 and Up.
Rating: C
Annika Truman has a "foolproof" plan to grant her brother his biggest wish before he goes into a surgery he may not survive. He wants Robin Hood to teach him how to shoot arrows.

Now, Annika has to travel to Hollywood with her best friend to try and capture the teen celebrity who portrays Robin Hood, Steve Raleigh, on the hit TV show. But she's not expecting the fame, drama, and romance that meet her when she arrives…

I got this book for one sole reason: Robin Hood. On BBC, they have a Robin Hood TV show that's 3 seasons long so far. I love the show! It's different from the original storyline, but has the characters that make it so great. So when I heard about a book that had Robin Hood in it, I knew I needed it.

Unfortunately, it didn't exactly live up to all my hopes and dreams.

The plotline seemed good, my Robin Hood obsession aside. I knew it would be a little clichéd, so that wasn't what bothered me. And yes, it was mildly entertaining. But everything seemed to rushed and hard to follow. The characters didn't seem fully developed either.

Annika was okay for the most part. She had spunk. Her dedication and love for her brother made her likeable, but also too good; her flaws seemed too mediocre to be realistic. Occasionally I couldn't understand her actions and her voicing never seemed at a constant, so it was hard to really get into the story. But her motives were good and I think she displayed a reaction some have when a loved one is sick.

As I said before, a lot of things were rushed. The romance, for example. It was kind of out of nowhere and too predictable. The problems the characters faced were so easily fixed and the original idea seemed to be long forgotten by the end, since it was solved so quickly. There were no twists to compel me to read on, other than the fact that I don't like giving up on the book.

I'm sure some will enjoy Just One Wish, so if the summary interests you, try it out. Just don't set your expectations so high, like I did.

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