Dear Reader: Interview Questions for A.S. King!

Recently I did a review for A.S. King's The Dust of 100 Dogs, which I loved. So I talked to the author and asked if she was interested in doing an interview. She said yes!

Now here's where you come in.

I have a few questions I know I want to ask her, but I also wanted to let you guys have a go at asking her questions. It can be about her, writing, or
The Dust of 100 Dogs. Just ask away in the comment form below!

I'm ending this Sunday night so please have all questions asked by then.


Anonymous said...

What's the worst book you ever read?

Your favorite?

Can you tell us a secret that you haven't told before?


Danae Ayusso said...

if you were a dinosaur which would you be and why?

clindsay said...

Boxers or briefs???

Little Willow said...

What made you pick dogs as the reincarnation critters, and pirates as the previous lifestyle?

Who are your favorite fictional pirates? (Captain Hook, etc.)

Mik said...

Thanks for all the questions!

If you didn't get a chance this time, I'll be having another author interview soon, so make sure you get your questions out there then.

Turning comments off now.

- Mik @ I Am Nonfiction

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