What's On Your Desk Wednesday?

So, I was tagged by Kristi @ The Story Siren to show pictures of my desk. A note: one of the rules is that you can't clean your desk! So please forgive the end-of-the-year clutter. It's pretty gross, I know.

Photo Time!
5 Bookish Things:
  • You can see my To Be Reviewed pile, which includes The Boy Book, A Little Friendly Advice, This Is What I Want to Tell You, How Not To Be Popular, and Just One Wish (the rest are scattered throughout my room).
  • You can also see the book I'm currently reading, The Amaranth Enchantment, on the right picture.
  • The blue notebook is where I keep my reviews.
  • The green paper is the beginning of a review I did for The Dust of 100 Dogs when I couldn't find my notebook and needed to write it down.
  • There's a piece of sheet music that is hiding two clarinet books.
5 Nonbookish Things:
  • My cough drops. In case I get a sore throat, I keep them on hand.
  • My sunglasses. I never wear them. They look ridiculous. But I have nowhere to put them.
  • My tablet (that little silver square). I love to doodle with it. Though my pen is MIA... (I really need to clean up!)
  • Nail polish. One is green and behind there is a clear one with sparkles (I'm wearing it right now).
  • My mousse. I use it to keep my bangs in tact when they won't behave. The nozzle broke off one day, so it doesn't work very well.
5 People I tag:
  • Khy @ Frenetic Reader
  • Kelsey @ Reading Keeps You Sane
  • Natasha @ Maw Books Blog
  • Emily @ Emily's Reading Room
  • You! (If you are not mentioned above).


Nicole said...

If I had to fit my TBR or to be reviewed on a desk...I don't even now what size desk I would need.

The Story Siren said...

yay! so glad you did it! i love seeing everyone's desks! fun stuff!

Sassy Brit said...

Hi! JUST found your post for this meme! Thanks for playing along. I will be adding your pic to my Flickr set and crediting you with a link back to your blog - should you not wish this, just shout and I can take it down. And actually, when you first said you hadn't tidied, I was expecting a lot worse! LOL What does that say about my desk? :)



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