nonfiction : writings that convey factual information and are not primarily works of the creative imagination. Noun.

Who Is Mik?

I’m a teenager with a love for reading and writing. I live in the United States and aspire to be an author. When I’m not writing, reading, blogging, or doing schoolwork, you can often find me finding new music to listen to and playing my various instruments.

What is I Am Nonfiction?

I Am Nonfiction is a blog dedicated to reviewing Young Adult (YA) books. There are also interviews with authors and contests. The blog is managed in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of when school is in session, but I update regularly. For more information about contests, reviews, interviews, and guest blogs click here.

Random Facts:

I do not have a favorite color. It varies every time I actually dwell on the subject.

Mik is not my real name.

I have a single pet, a cat that weighs nine pounds and is never, ever quiet.

Some people need coffee to get through the day. I need music. If I don’t have my tunes in the morning, there is a 99% I will be in a crappy mood for the rest of the day.

I love giving book suggestions and receiving them. Just email me at iamnonfiction[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Important Links on I Am Nonfiction:

Information on reviews, contests, interviews, and guest blogs

My list of book reviews

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Shelley said...

Welcome to the book blogging world. I'm looking forward to some good reviews from a teen perspective!

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